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Harry #2178

Age: 8
Weight: 58 lbs.

Fostered In Wisconsin

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Hello, my name is Handsome Harry!  I was just given up by a backyard breeder and I am looking forward to being a family dog.  I am getting along fine with the other dogs in my home but I really like people.  Other than being big enough to maybe knock very little kids over, I am doing very well with kids too.  Since I wasn’t a family dog, I am working on potty training.  I was recently fixed but am still doing some marking which will hopefully improve over the next few weeks.  I am also having some house accidents but seem to be learning that is not a good thing.  Though I am strong, I have walked pretty nicely on a leash, starting out perky but not pulling, and getting my mosey around on by the end. My appetite is good and I scarf my food quickly.  All the dogs in my house eat separately but I certainly don’t get aggressive at meal times.  I’m good in a bath, but not too sure about nail clipping.  Ear cleaning is ok too, luckily, because I need special cleaner and real regular ear care.  I will probably always struggle to keep infection at bay due to thickened ear canals from years of untreated infection.  I am also getting a dental cleaning shortly.  I like to play with toys and foster mom is trying to get me to chase a ball.  Not sure why though, she does so well chasing it on her own. I have been well behaved in the house, and clearly was not familiar with furniture.  I like my dog beds on the floor though I will come sit by you for a pat or snuggle.  I like to bounce around my big backyard but I need someone to praise my potty skills so I know to go outside.  I am a good sleeper at night and send myself to bed, where I stay until morning.  I’m not much of a barker and am rather quiet for a bigger dog.  I need a little work through no fault of my own, but I am really a special find for someone lucky to discover.

I will be looking for a family soon as long as there are no unexpected surprises at my vet visit so if you need a big buddy, fill out that adoption form here!




Buddy #2287

Age: 8yrs (est DOB 5/2008)

Weight: 63 lbs

Being fostered in Minnesota.

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Hi, my name is Buddy and I’m a fun guy. My previous family could no longer care for me so I came to BBR and I like it here!  I have a great foster family and they are helping me feel so much better.  My skin was really irritated from allergies, but I’ve already had a soothing bath and the vet gave me medication to make me feel even better.  I’m an easy going and happy guy. I still like to play with toys and I enjoy going for walks.  My legs are a little twisty but that doesn’t slow me down.  My foster family calls me “Perfect!”

For more information, please fill out the Adoption Application so someone on the adoption team can contact you and let you know more!

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Houston #2176

Age: 9 yrs. D.O.B. 5/28/07
Weight: 74 lbs.

Fostered In Wisconsin

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Hello, my name is Houston!  I was turned over to a shelter because sadly my human was about to be homeless.  The shelter asked BBR to take me in so I could have a better chance of finding a home of my own, plus the shelter environment was stressful for me.  I have lived with dogs, cats and kids just fine but I can get protective of my food and toys towards other dogs.  My new foster mom says I have been more interested in the companionship of the people than dogs in the home and pay no mind to the cats.  I’ve been pretty good on a leash, with minimal pulling.  I’m ridiculously sweet and loving (look, those are her words, I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything).  I don’t have accidents in the house and I’m smart so I signal by the door to go out.  I’m good at matching the activity level of my people, whether we are out exercising or lounging around at home.  I really just want a new home with a loving, accepting family to call my own.  If that home belongs to you, please fill out an adoption application.



Murphy #2175-On Medical & Evaluation Hold

Age: 15
Weight: 47lbs.

Fostered In Wisconsin

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Hello, I am a hunky senior named Murphy.  Sadly, my owner has gone to a nursing home where I can not follow.  I just came in and need some health care and evaluation time in my foster home.  Check back for updates!


Toby #2170

Age: 10 1/2 years

Fostered in Wisconsin

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Hello, my name is Toby!    I  came to  BBR  because my former family realized they could not afford a dog.  That family had gotten me off Craigslist 6 months prior.  Not sure why anyone would give me up.  Foster mom says I am a hunk of love.  That sounds pretty good, right?  She also says I have good energy for my age and can keep up with the family.  I get along with kids, cats, and other dogs so basically a trifecta of perfect.  I’ve been loose in the house during the day without issue,  I’m nice on a walk, and generally a real gentleman all around.  I can still handle stairs fine.    If you are looking for me, please fill out the adoption application and get approved!








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