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Bullwinkle #2296

Age: 13 yrs. (Est DOB: 8/2004)
Weight: 58 lbs
Currently in Minnesota.

Bullwinkle is looking for a foster home!


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Hi, my name is Bullwinkle! I’m currently at a temporary foster home and I get a long great with the 6 other hounds.  So far it looks like I’m hard of hearing so make sure to speak up when it’s time for dinner.  I have some arthritis so I’d prefer a home with little to no stairs.  I LOVE to be outside but I do get cold easily. But my foster mom has really warm doggy coats for us to wear when we go out in the cold. I like to go on walks too. My temporary foster home has some small animals and I just don’t seem to notice them at all. I love watching the deer and turkeys out the back door. They provide lots of entertainment for me. I’m just an easy going guy who goes with the flow, wants to hang out with you at home and be close to people.  I’d be a great addition to a family!


Harry #2178

Age: 8
Weight: 58 lbs.

Fostered In Wisconsin

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Hello, my name is Harry!  I was just given up by a backyard breeder and I am looking forward to being a family dog.  I am getting along great with the other dogs in my home but I really love people.  Other than being big enough to maybe knock very little kids over, I am doing very well with kids too.  Since I wasn’t a family dog, I am working on potty training.  It has taken some time but I am down to about one accident a day, and some days no accidents!  Though I am strong, I have walked pretty nicely on a leash, starting out perky but not pulling, and getting my mosey around on by the end.  My appetite is good and I scarf my food quickly.  All the dogs in my house eat separately but I certainly don’t get aggressive at meal times.  I’m good in a bath, but not too sure about nail clipping.  Ear cleaning is ok too, luckily, because I need special cleaner and real regular ear care.  I will probably always struggle to keep infection at bay due to thickened ear canals from years of untreated infection.  I recently had a dental cleaning and now my teeth sparkle.  I like to play with toys and foster mom is trying to get me to chase a ball.  Not sure why though, she does so well chasing it on her own. I have been well behaved in the house, and clearly was not familiar with furniture.  I like my dog beds on the floor but recently started getting up on the people bed with the other dogs and that is nice too!  I like to bounce around my big backyard.  I am a good sleeper at night and send myself to bed, where I stay until morning.  I’m not much of a barker and am rather quiet for a bigger dog.  I would do best in a home where I do not have to go 8 hours between potty breaks pottying outside is still new to me.  Also, I enjoy attention and activity.  Foster mom says I am really a special find for someone lucky to discover.

I am ready to find my forever home so please fill out the adoption form here!




Sammy #2245

Age: 4 yrs. (DOB: 8/23/12)
Weight: 68lbs
Being fostered in Minnesota.

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I've been hugged by Becky!

I’ve been hugged by Becky!

Sammy is back with BBR even though his adoptive family loved him very much. His amazing family took two children into their home because of an emergency situation and Sammy could not adapt to the new environment. Because of that, Sammy will need to go to an adult only adoptive home. Sammy is considered special needs because he has Addison’s disease.  His disease is well-managed with an injection every 4-6 weeks. Sammy enjoys a good walk every day, but then he is very content to snuggle up on the couch or other comfy spot.sammy2245v sammy2245s sammy2245r sammy2245q sammy2245p sammy2245n sammy2245m



My name is Sammy! I’m a young guy looking for a new home.  In my first home, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of a new things so I am pretty nervous when I meet new people. Now that I am in foster home with BBR, I am trying lots of new things and I think I am getting braver.  I like other dogs and I am crate trained.  I guess I could use a little training on the leash, and I must admit I LOVE to shop the counters. I also get very nervous at the vet so I guess I should wear a muzzle when I go there.  I think my good qualities shine above that though.  I am very handsome, even noble.  Don’t you think?  I get along well with my foster siblings and I even take treats gently.  The right family would help me learn to be a good boy, even when I am nervous, and in return I would shower them with kisses!

To find out more about me, please fill out the Adoption Application so someone on the adoption team can Sammy2245contact you and let you know more about me!Sammy2245a


Winston #2291

***Winston is still on medical hold until the vet OKs him.  However, his foster home has committed to adopting him so he has found his forever home!

Age:  6 months (DOB: 5/21/16)
Weight:  lbs
Being fostered in Minnesota.

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This sweet pup needed surgery on his front leg to correct bone deformities which made it very painful for him to walk.  Winston is a happy, affectionate young guy.   He will on hold until we know his leg has fully healed.  He will not be available for adoption until 2017.


Elvis #2185

Male thumbnail_elvis2185
Age: 14

Fostered In Wisconsin

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Hello, I am a beagle basset mix named Elvis!  Sadly, my previous owner passed away.  After coming to BBR I immediately went to the vet man for a check-up.  Turns out I have lots of little bumps but nothing that is concerning!  My owner must have been taking good care of my teeth because they are remarkably in good shape for my age.  I am said to love walks and car rides but get noisy when left alone.  I am settling in to my new foster home but will share new updates soon!

To be considered for adopting Elvis, please fill out the adoption application.


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