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Mr. Happy #2207

Age: est 12-13 yrs
Weight: 49 lbs.

Being fostered in Wisconsin.

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I am a happy guy even though I have had a rough life up until now.  I was found in an abandoned car with two other dogs. Then I ended up at Animal Control.  The good news is that somebody told Basset Buddies about me and I got picked up and went to a nice foster home.  Mr. Happy was adopted in July 2014.

Update March 2016: BBR was notified that Mr. Happy once again needed a foster home as his adoptive family could no longer take care of him so he is back with his foster mom. He is still the amazingly happy boy he was when we first met him. He’s a little older now but still ready to do his special happy dance when the treats come out.  He gets along with other dogs and seems to like everyone he meets. As an older gentleman he would prefer not to do a lot of stairs and likes more frequent potty breaks. His hearing is not what it used to be either but the nose works just fine.  Mr. Happy loves life and he would love to land in a forever home!

Happy is currently being treated for some skin and ear infections, it is possible he may have food or environmental allergies. He will be getting a dental soon and a few lumps removed for “cosmetic” reasons. The vet said his bloodwork was excellent and his heart sounded good too. He’s not slowing down anytime soon and is ready for fun.

For more information, please fill out the Adoption Application so someone on the adoption team can contact you and let you know more!
Mr. Happy 2207a


Toby #2261


Age: est. 8 yrs. (DOB: 2008)
Weight: 65 lbs
Being fostered in Minnesota.

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This sweet basset was abandoned in a house.  Fortunately he was found in time and brought to rescue.  At his vet exam it was discovered that he is heartworm positive. His treatment has started but he is medical hold until the treatment is completed.

To find out more about me, please fill out the Adoption Application so someone on the adoption team can contact you and let you know more about me!


Cody #2253

Age: about 1 yr. (est DOB: 11-14)
Weight: 45 lbs
Being fostered in Minnesota.
We think Cody is a Basset/Basenji mix!

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BBR update May 2016: Cody has come so far in his time with BBR under the guidance of a special BBR foster mom, who is also an accomplished dog trainer. He has matured and is a sweet and well-trained dog. Cody is kennel trained, house trained and as you can see he gets along great with other dogs. He would love a household where he has another dog for a playmate.

Cody joined BBR via a shelter where he arrived as a stray.  He was adopted once but came back to the shelter when he got into trouble over  a rawhide. BBR has been getting to know Cody over the last few months.  He is young and energetic and will need some obedience training.  He gets along well with other dogs and cats too. He has learned how to use the doggie door and seems to catch on quickly to new skills.  There seems to be some basset in his background but we aren’t sure what else.  Cody  does have a tendency to get overstimulated and in those times he can be possessive of toys and other items. Because of this is is not appropriate for a home with children.

Cody had a cherry eye which was repaired surgical while at the shelter.  He is looking for a home that will provide plenty of exercise as well as consistent guidelines.  And of course, lots of love, affection and play time!  His forever home will also need to make a commitment to take him to basic obedience training.

Cody at play with his foster siblings- big woolly Sheepdogs!

To find out more about me, please fill out the Adoption Application so someone on the adoption team can contact you and let you know more about me!Cody2253Cody2253c



Bruce #2206

Age: 2 yrs (D.O.B. est 10/2013)
Weight: 50 lbs

Being fostered in Minnesota

*Special needs
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Bruce has returned to BBR. His adopter tried very hard to work with his special behavioral needs but it was just too much. Bruce needs a very special and skilled adopter and thanks to a wonderful foster home,  BBR is able to take care of him until that person is found.

Hi my name is Bruce and I’m just a pup.  Sometimes puppies get silly ideas and I guess I got one.  I thought it would be a good idea to eat a sock.  Pretty soon I had a really bad tummy ache. My family did not have the resources to help me so the vet called BBR.  Turns out  I needed TWO surgeries because there were complications after the first.   I really love to snuggle and I give kisses too.  I am a very good boy about going in my kennel.

Bruce is an active, playful youngster and would love to have a basset playmate. Bruce will need a special adopter because of his “dietary indiscretion” habits.  The good news is that Bruce has no problem wearing his “hood” when he goes on walks.  The hood keeps him from swallowing things he shouldn’t.

Bruce is on a special diet to prevent urinary crystals.  In addition, Bruce has been found to have an old leg fracture that was never treated. He may need surgery sometime in his future.  Bruce takes an inexpensive behavioral medication once a day.

Bruce is a very affectionate and snuggly basset, but can be very possessive about items he has taken.  Because of this, he will not be placed with a family that has children or has children who visit frequently. Bruce is crate trained.

For more information, please fill out the Adoption Application so someone on the adoption team can contact you and let you know more about me!
Bruce’s Slide Show

Snuggle time!

Snuggle time!

Bruce and his hood

Bruce and his hood, ready to go for a walk!


Bailey #1966

MaleBailey 5
Age: 11 yrs. (DOB: Nov. 2004)
Weight: 58
Being fostered in Minnesota.

☆•*¨*•.¸Hug me!¸.•*¨*•☆☆

Lots of Love We love you buddy!! Jay, Judy, Max and Lulu

We love you buddy!! Jay, Judy, Max and Lulu

Note: Bailey is back with BBR due to a change in circumstances of his adopter.  He is still the sweet, easy going basset boy he has always been. He loves a good belly run, a good snack, a nice walk and a good place to take a nap.

Hi there! I’m Bailey. I’m a big, strong, fun-loving, care-free, social, 10-year-old basset boy! I get along well with the other dogs at my foster home. I am smart, adjust quickly to routines, and just want to please my people. If you’re willing to rub my belly, scratch my chin, and/or snuggle, we’ll get along just fine! Here’s what you should know about me:

Alias: “Cowboy” (You’ll understand when you see me run!) My foster mom also calls me her “Love Bug.”

Favorite Snack: Bread  — I can hear a bread bag opening from anywhere in the house!

Favorite Toy: I carry my stuffed duck with me when I am excited! I’d be lost without it…

Favorite Thing to Do: Hang out with people (so I’d do best in a home where someone is around a good portion of the day). A canine friend would be super, too!

Favorite Time of the Day: Breakfast, snack and dinner

Best Bad Habit: I bark “Hello” to everyone I meet!

Funniest Thing I Do: I can fold a dog mat or blanket into a pillow.

I’ve been waiting for my forever home! Could it be with you?

To find out more about me, please fill out the Adoption Application so someone on the adoption team can contact you and let you know more about me!


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