Fostering A Basset Hound

What Fostering is All About

As rescues and shelters are increasingly unable to keep with the growing number of abandoned pets, the need for breed rescues has grown. Many of these rescues, Basset Buddies Rescue among them, use volunteer foster homes for their dogs rather than housing them in a centrally located kennel facility such as used by shelters.

In a BBR foster home, the dog becomes part of a family whose love, patience, kindness, and experience help the basset deal with the stress of losing their family plus adjusting to a new and strange situation. The rescued hound lives with a foster family until adopted…which can take only a few days or several months.

Basset Buddies Rescue’s volunteer foster homes are located throughout our Service Area and are a very diverse group of people: some have children, some do not; some are single while others have a large family; some have other dogs and pets while in others the foster hound might be an ‘only.’ But whatever the foster family’s enviroment, they are caring people who have dedicated themselves and their family to rescue.

If you love dogs, fostering is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have as you will be making a direct impact on the life of a homeless hound. While the dog is with you, your home is their home, you are their family and they are your pet. Please consider opening your home to one of our bassets by filling out a Foster Application. We look forward to discussing this heart-warming opportunity to help a hound with you.