Adoption FAQs

How do I adopt a basset from BBR?

  1. An Adoption Application must be completed in full and submitted to BBR.
  2. A volunteer will contact your vet to verify that all past and present pets (including cats) have received regular care including vaccinations, preventatives, and wellness exams.
  3. Your personal references will be contacted. If you rent, we also contact your landlord.
  4. After the above items have been completed, an adoption counselor will call you for an interview. Make sure that you have reviewed, and understood, all of our Adoption Policies prior to your interview. They will let you know if a home visit will be done.
  5. Once you are approved to adopt, a BBR ‘matchmaker’ will call to discuss available dogs as well as put you in contact with a particular dog’s foster home.
  6. You then need to contact the foster home to discuss their foster dog and determine if it is a good fit for you and your family. Our foster families are our strongest resource and because they know the dog so well, they will know what would be the best match for both the hound and for you.
  7. You and the foster home make arrangements to meet the basset. If at that time, you and the foster family determine that this would be a good match and you want to adopt, you would sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee.
  8. If at any time after the adoption, there are concerns or issues with your new basset, please contact BBR promptly. We will assist you in finding a trainer, behavorist, or other professional to work with.
  9. If your life situation changes and you can no longer care for your basset, he or she must be returned to BBR so we can find them another home. The adopting family, by BBR contract, can not sell, or give-away an adopted dog.

Please remember that we are an all-vounteer organization and
it may take up to two weeks before an adoption counselor can contact you.


**Adoption Fees as of November 1, 2011**

Puppies (age birth to 6 months): $300
Junior & Adult Dogs (7 months to 7 years): $250
Senior Dogs (8 to 10 years): $150
Senior Dogs (11 years and older): $100

Bonded pair (both age 7 or younger): $350
Bonded pair (both age 8 or 10 years): $250
Bonded pair (11 years and older): $150
Bonded pair (one age 7 year or under & one age 8 year or older): $300

Donations above the adoption fee are graciously accepted
and are tax deductible.

Please note: tax laws in Wisconsin now require that rescues charge sales tax on adoption fees.  This is mandatory.  Adoption fees for dogs adopted from WI will have a 5.5% tax added to their adoption fee.

NOTE: Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to deny any adoption if we feel that it is not in the best interest of our dogs.