BBR Adoption Policy

If Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc. (BBR) does not feel confident that the dog will be a house pet and  receive all care and attention necessary to ensure its health and well being, adoption may be denied/rescinded. Adopting persons will provide adequate food, fresh water, shelter, socialization, exercise, indoor sleeping quarters, and veterinary care, as well as yearly inoculations as recommended by attending veterinarian.
All dogs will be spayed/neutered (unless too young to do so), have current vaccinations and be tested for heartworm prior to being put up for adoption. A pre-arrangement must be agreed upon for spaying/neutering of a younger dog, followed by documentation after the procedure is complete.
Adopting person(s) agree that the dog will, at all times, wear a collar with a current rabies tag, license tag, and BBR ID tag, and will be in compliance with any state and local laws.
If BBR believes that the dog will be allowed to run free off leash or out of immediate control, adoption may be denied/rescinded. In addition, if a family has another dog that is allowed to roam free, they may be considered unacceptable to adopt a Basset because of the Basset’s nature to roam if allowed.
When outside, the dog will never be left unattended if staked out or chained.
Adopting person(s) will not transport the dog in an open pick-up truck bed, open or closed trailer, or boat/trailer.
Adopting person(s) will not take the dog on a boat unless the dog is wearing a life preserver.
BBR has the right to check veterinary references and may turn down an adoption based on those references.
BBR will verify acceptability of adoption with the landlord of person(s) who rent or reside in a mobile home park or condominium.
A dog will not be adopted to person(s) who live above the second floor in buildings without an elevator.
Dogs will not be adopted to families with children under the age of 6 unless BBR knows that the dog has previously lived with young children. Adoption applications for families with very young children will be reviewed by two adoption coordinators before a dog will be placed in that home.
Adoption applications will be reviewed by two adoption coordinators and two interviews will be conducted before a dog will be placed with person(s) who currently do not have a veterinarian. A veterinarian must be selected prior to adoption.
If the adopting person(s) have a swimming pool, the pool must be fenced so the dog does not have access to the pool.
The dog cannot be left outside while family members are at work or are not present in the home.
If the temperament of the dog, whether known or unknown, warrants obedience training, the adopting family must agree to fulfill any training needs. This may be achieved through formal obedience training.
BBR reserves the right to request a visit to a prospective adopter’s home prior to adoption in order to assure the home’s suitability in accordance with these policies.
Adopting person(s) will notify BBR at least one week prior to any change of address.
Adopting person(s) will keep the dog for so long as it shall live and will not transfer the ownership to any other person without first obtaining the written consent of BBR. The rescue dog may not be transferred to any other person(s), firm, corporation or organization for any reason. Adopting person(s) will notify BBR immediately if the rescue dog becomes lost or stolen.
If custody of the dog must be relinquished, adopting person(s) agree to notify BBR immediately to arrange for its re-adoption.
The adopting person(s) agree to take the dog as is with all defects either observable or unobservable, and assumes full responsibility for the dog from the date of adoption. Great care is given to physical condition and temperament evaluation of each Basset Hound that is accepted into Basset Buddies Rescue. Though every possible effort is made to provide a dog that is compatible with the adopting person(s) home, no warranty is made as to the physical condition and temperament of the dog. Upon adoption, the adopting person(s) assumes responsibility for the rescue dog’s actions and shall hold Basset Buddies Rescue and its individual members free from all claims for personal injury, injury to others, and/or property damage associated with the adoption.
If, at any time during the Basset’s life with the Adopter(s), the Basset is treated in a manner inconsistent with this contract, the contract will become void and BBR will reclaim ownership and custody of the dog described above.
The Adopter(s) agrees that the Basset that will be adopted into their family is not to be used for breeding purposes in any way, shape or form. The Adopter(s) understands if the animal is un-spayed or un-neutered at the time of Adoption (due to age or any other condition) the Adopter(s) will deposit with BBR $100, which will be held by BBR until such time the Adopter(s) offers proof that the Basset has been spayed or neutered in compliance with this contract. Adopter(s) may bring the Basset back to BBR for neuter/spay within six (6) months from the date of Adoption. If the Adopter chooses to have the spay/neuter done at their expense at their veterinary clinic – the Adopter(s) agrees to provide proof of spay/neuter to BBR. Upon BBR spaying or neutering said Basset, or upon Adopter(s) providing proof of spay/neuter, BBR will return the $100 deposit to the Adopter(s).