Fred #2181


Age: 10 est.

Fostered In Wisconsin

☆•*¨*•.¸Hug me!¸.•*¨*•☆

Hi, my name is Fred.  My owner was in poor health the last few years but didn’t want to give up me or my two housemates.  Neighbors helped out but obviously we are rather neglected health wise.  Our owner finally went into a nursing home so we came to BBR.  Since then I have had a ton of dental work, some masses removed, and I have just started pain medication for some arthritis.  My ears were in terrible condition but one has cleared up.  The other is still being treated and DAILY ear maintenance will be vital in keeping me from surgery down the road.  I’ve also started taking over the counter allergy medication and had my eyes treated for some redness as well.  I am a pretty laid back, happy guy considering all the poking and prodding I have endured.  I have lived with cats and get on well along side other dogs.  I fit in to a crowd easily.  I am living with girls ages 2, 6 and 8 for the first time and that is working out quite nice.  I’ll curl up right in the middle of their play space and take a nap, no problem.  I’m a big sloppy mess at the water bowl, but need a little cheese treat mixed in to my food to convince me to eat.  People food bits are my favorite which is why my two year old girl and I get along so well.  I am very long and struggle to get on furniture but can usually manage if no one will boost me.  Stairs are pretty difficult for me between some arthritis and a lot of awkwardness.  I really love my people and given my past, I need someone at home with me much of the day.  I am looking for the work from home, retired, stay at home mom, etc. type of living situation.  I manage ok when my people leave but I don’t want to be alone a lot, and other dogs in the home help too.

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