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Spring Into Summer 2015!

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BASSETFEST! Aug 22, 2015

Big Bend, WI

Need a little Wine with your Whine?

Basset label wine sales benefit the hounds of BBR


Basset of the Month for May

Shooter #2139


     This sweet fellow goes by the name of Shooter (also Shoots and Shootsie). If you have seen his biography page you already know he has come a long way.  Originally purchased when he was young with the intent to breed him, Shooter’s home was a heated garage where two other dogs lived.  Currently 7 years old, his owners decided he needed someone with time for him.  He was basically a big puppy with no real training.  The first few days he was here, he marked on everything, pottied everywhere, and humped his senior foster siblings until they didn’t want to be friends anymore.  Now the recently neutered Shootsie never marks on anything, completely gave up the humping and is 90% potty trained-with the occasional accident occurring during the night or when we are away too long.  He gets along well with the other 5 dogs and has learned how to respect their space.  He likes to play with them and LOVES our attention.  He is gaining weight as he was so bony thin on arrival.  He is a doll at the vet clinic-just the picture of pathetic basset and it works like a charm!  He is really good for grooming and is easy to have in the house, but loves his time out in the yard.  Shooter still needs to make improvements in his walking and to learn some basic commands but he has become a nice gentleman in our home.  He is a spunky, sweet, loveable, middle aged boy who will make a great addition to any home, preferably one that has people around a fair amount of the time. 

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If you are that special family who has been looking for me, please check out my page and fill out that adoption application!  




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